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Specialty polymer focused company IPITECH

IPITECH’s corporate values include ‘trustworthy products, thorough quality control, swift and continuous A/S, and mutually growing business partner’.
We will continue our efforts to secure price competitiveness and provide top quality products to fulfill the needs of our customers while continuing to work towards becoming a specialty polymer focused company that represents Korea with the mission and responsibility for developing the related industries in Korea and pioneering the global market.

supplies high temperature resistant & thermal laminating polyimide films and varnish materials of various characteristics, especially developing, manufacturing, and selling products used for FCCL/COF, heating films, flexible OLED circuit boards, semiconductor packaging films, and highly insulative voltage withstanding materials that require excellent temperature resistance, chemical resistance, mechanical strength, flexibility, and adhesion.

Declaration of Action

01 Set high goals and fulfill them with enthusiasm.

02 Become the best to realize the values of both the members and the organization.

03 Achieve the company vision by fulfilling the communal values.

04 Respect creativity as a pioneer of innovative technologies.

05 Pursue harmony for the communal goals.